(at Level 1 Food Court, 159-175 Church St, Westfield, Parramatta, Sydney)

The German Bakery offers a large amount of choice and high quality of German Bread and Desserts. We lovingly make a fine selection of delicious and special breads, sandwiches and other desserts in our Bakery. We also have many types of drinks and several combos. We are trying to focus on the culture thing and healthy diet.

Comparing with the normal bread in the supermarket, our “Bread Loafs” sell as a whole bread. This will keep its fragrance inside. Also, rye is  one of the raw material in some of our bread, and this makes the bread smells better and has more nutrition. There are seeds in or on some of our bread, and the tasting and smelling of these seeds can be well combining with our bread !

(The combining of rye and wheat flour makes the bread  tastes special. There are some seed likes oat, in some of our dough roll, which is similar to the left one in the picture above. As the picture shown, there are two kinds of sesame on the top of this sandwich roll, and is plenty enough to effect the taste. The aroma of bread, seed and sesames, makes the taste very well. Another one, the loaf of the bread, which is on the right of the picture above, is also special. The crust of the loaf is not too hard, and it is suitable to chew easily.)

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“We produces more types of bread than any other country!”